Hiking in Taiwan

Arrow Hat Hiking Club

Nanhudashan Glacial Cirque (2003 August)
Yushan (2005 November)
   (2006 February), (2007 April), (2008 August)
Wushuang Bridge (2010 January)

one good reason for keeping campsites clean
and for packing out all garbage

Day Hikes:

Leleku Hot Springs (2003 March)
Taroko Gorge (2003 May)
Bamboo-breeding Frogs in Chitou (2003 May)
Baimaoshan (2006 October)
Yuanzueishan (2008 August)
Shaolaishan (2008 August)

Taiwan's mountains reach elevations classified as High Altitude (1500-3500 m) and Very High Altitude (3500-3952 m). Anyone preparing to hike in Taiwan's mountains might like to read this: MedEx: Travel at High Altitude.

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