Yuanzueishan 2008 August

August 9

Looking West from Shaolai Mt in Tashueshan Recreation Area, Taichung County.

Today, we hiked the yellow-dotted route to the peak (2180 m) and bushwacked back to the road.

Here's where it starts to get rough--it was already steep enough before.

Watching AD climb up

AD watches the rest of us follow.

SC takes pictures.

It doesn't get any easier.

In fact, it keeps getting worse!

SC doesn't think so. He goes where the rest of us do not dare!

CL grits her teeth and says, 'Where's the trail!?!?'.

Crystal thinks that if CL can go there, She can too.

Crystal forsakes rock to climb down AD. SC films the descent.

More of the same or a short-cut back to the road?.

We take the short cut.

You mean we climbed THAT? (look closely for ropes and people).