Sustainable Resource Management

In this course, we focus on management and mismanagement of renewable resources. Globally, many renewable resources are being managed in unsustainable ways.

Week Lecture Updated: 191015
9/11 Introduction    Syllabus
3 credits
9/18 Non-renewable Resources
WED 09:20-12:10
9/25 Renewable Resources
Going Zero Carbons
Plans for 136 Countries
Interactive Map
10/2 Invited guest: pet snake
State of Natural Resources
Environmental Limits to Globalization
Film: The Age of Stupid
Fermi Paradox    
   (global surface winds in real time)
10/9 Paraphrasing
Citations&References JWM2018
Paraphrasing,Citations,References Beware of FAF
Tree Octopus
Tree Octopus & Education
Online Reliability 
Last chance to select a Group Presentation topic

10/16 Population Growth
Economic Growth

Last chance to turn in First Essay
Population Growth Rates I
Population Growth Rates II
Economic Growth Rates (GDP) I
Economic Growth Rates (GDP) II
Ecological Footprint Calculator  
10/23 Film: End of Suburbia
   USA's Ecological Dead End
10/30 to be assignd   
11/6 MIDTERM EXAM   Last chance to email essay article for approval  
11/13 Maximum Sustainable Yield   Last chance to turn in Second Essay  
11/20 to be assignd   
11/27 to be assignd   
12/4 to be assignd   
12/11 Lab: Tent Set-up  Last chance to email essay article for approval

Last chance to do a group PPT
12/18 Film: The 11th Hour   Last chance to turn in Third Essay  
12/25 Holiday: No Class
1/1 Holiday: No Class  

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