Taiwan Ecosystems

In this general education course we learn basic ecological principles and examine the diversity of Taiwan's organisms and ecosystems.

Week Lecture updated: 190618
2/21 Ecological Questions I
   Chapters 1&2
Textbook (PDF)    
Syllabus (PDF)
2 credits
2/28 Holiday THUR 16:10-18:00  
3/7 Taiwan's Diversity
   Film: Typhoon Island (PDF)
3/14 Scientific Method
   Chapter 2
Project hypotheses
How to do Study Site Log (PDF)
How to do Tree Survey (PDF)
Study site selection
Map of Study Sites
THU map
Study Site Log (PDF)
   Beaufort Wind Scale
   How to find North (PDF)
Tree Data Sheet (PDF)  
3/21 Common Taichung Birds
Bird Watching
Common Taichung Birds
Study Site Log (PDF)
3/28 Coriolis Effect & Climate
   Chapter 8
Coriolis Effect:
   Ocean Currents
   Wind Currents
How to do Traffic Survey (PDF)
Group Project Part I
(Turn in Study Site Logs)
Traffic Data Sheet (PDF)

Identifing Arthropod Orders:
   Key to Adult Insects
Introduction to Taiwan's Snakes
4/4 Holiday  
4/11 Conditions for Life I
   Chapter 3
How to do Bird Survey (PDF)
Common Taichung Birds
Bird Data Sheet (PDF)
Expedition Field Techniques
- Bird Surveys (PDF)
Quiz questions
Coriolis questions  
Group Project Part II
Turn in Data Sheets:
Study Site Logs (paper)
Bird Survey I
Traffic Survey I
Tree Survey (if completed or have questions)
4/25 Conditions for Life II
   Chapter 3
Wangari Maathai: Planting trees in Kenya
Jadav 'Molai' Payeng: Planting trees in India
Mbah Sadiman: Planting trees in Indonesia
Allegory: Planing trees in the Alps
David Bamberger: Restoring the water cycle in Texas (YouTube)
I will be a hummingbird (YouTube)  
5/2 Life History
   Chapter 7
Land Snail (YouTube)
"Life wil find a way"
5/9 Species & Evolution
   Chapter 4
Darwin's Finches
Green Anoles
Iterative evolution in a water bird
Group Projects DUE BEFORE 5/15
   email Traffic Results
   email Tree Results
5/16 Extinction
   Chapter 5
Group Projects DUE BEFORE5/22
   email Bird Results
   email Mackinnon List Results

Data Analysis:
   Bird Mackinnon List
   Bird Point Count
Useful Calculator:
   Bird Diversity
Useful Simple Statistics:
   Standard Deviation
   Standard Error
   Student's T-Test
   Chi-squared Test
5/23 Population
   Chapter 6
May 1957 (PDF; see Fig. 1))  
Population Clock
Babies born each day
Hunger Statistics   
5/30 Taiwan's Ecosystems
   Chapters 9 & 10
Group Projects DUE 6/6
   email Traffic Results
   email Tree Results

email Bird Mackinnon List
   email Bird Point Count
email draft of slides (PPT)
email draft of script (DOC)
Map of Study Sites
6/6 Your Ecological Footprints
Taiwan, Consumption,
    & Climate Change

    A Year of Earth's CO2
    Global temperatures 1880-2014
    Arctic snow melt 1979-2012
    Coconut Carrying Octopus
   Interview & Video    
Group Project Draft: due 6/12
   email slides (ppt)
   email script (doc)
6/13 Group Projects
   Group 1: PPT Script
   Group 2: PPT Script
   Group 3: PPT Script
   Group 4: PPT Script
   Group 5: PPT Script
   Group 6: PPT Script
   Group 7: PPT Script
   Group 8: PPT Script
   Group 9: PPT Script
   PRINT & submit slides
       (PPT: 6 slides per page)
   PRINT & submit script (DOC)
   TURN in ALL data sheets!
   Quiz questions
Extra Credit


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