Taiwan Ecology

In this course we learn basic ecological principles and examine the diversity of Taiwan's organisms and ecosystems.

Week Lecture updated: 190618
2/19 Ecological Questions I
   Chapters 1&2
Textbook (PDF)    
Syllabus (PDF)
2 credits
TUE 14:10-16:00
2/26 Taiwan's Diversity
   Film: Typhoon Island (PDF)
3/5 Scientific Method
   Chapter 2
Project hypotheses
How to use Study Site Log (PDF)
Study Site Log (PDF)
Study Sites: THU map
Study Site Log (PDF)
How to use Study Site Log (PDF)
Beaufort Wind Scale
How to find North (PDF)  
3/12 Common Taichung Birds
Bird Watching
Common Taichung Birds
Identifing Arthropod Orders:
   Key to Adult Insects
Introduction to Taiwan's Snakes
3/19 Coriolis Effect & Climate
   Chapter 8
Coriolis Effect:
   Ocean Currents
   Wind Currents
How to do the Tree Survey (PDF)
Group Project Part I
(Turn in Study Site Logs)
How to do the Tree Survey (PDF)
Tree Data Sheet (PDF)
3/26 Conditions for Life I
   Chapter 3
How to do Traffic Surveys (PDF)
How to do Traffic Surveys (PDF)
Traffic Data Sheet (PDF)
4/2 Conditions for Life II
   Chapter 3
Wangari Maathai: Planting trees in Kenya
Jadav 'Molai' Payeng: Planting trees in India
Mbah Sadiman: Planting trees in Indonesia
Allegory: Planing trees in the Alps
David Bamberger: Restoring the water cycle in Texas (YouTube)
I will be a hummingbird (YouTube)  
4/9 Conditions for Life III
   Chapter 3
How to do Bird Surveys (PDF)
Common Taichung Birds
How to do Bird Surveys (PDF)
Bird Data Sheet (PDF)
Expedition Field Techniques
- Bird Surveys (PDF)

Quiz questions
Coriolis questions  
Group Project Part II
Turn in Data Sheets:
Study Site Logs (paper)
Bird Survey I
Traffic Survey I
Tree Survey (if completed or have questions)
4/23 Film:
   Cane Toads
4/30 Life History
   Chapter 7
Land Snail (YouTube)
"Life wil find a way"
5/7 Species & Evolution
   Chapter 4
Darwin's Finches
Green Anoles
Iterative evolution in a water bird
Group Projects DUE BEFORE 5/21
   email Traffic Results
   email Tree Results
5/14 Extinction
   Chapter 5
Group Projects DUE BEFORE5/28
   email Bird Results
   email Mackinnon List Results

Data Analysis:
   Bird Mackinnon List
   Bird Point Count
Useful Calculator:
   Bird Diversity
Useful Simple Statistics:
   Standard Deviation
   Standard Error
   Student's T-Test
   Chi-squared Test
5/21 Populations
   Chapter 6
May 1957 (PDF; see Fig. 1))  
Population Clock
Babies born each day
Hunger Statistics   
5/28 Taiwan's Ecosystems
   Chapters 9 & 10
Group Projects DUE 6/4
   email Traffic Results
   email Tree Results

email Bird Mackinnon List
email Bird Point Count
email draft of slides (PPT)
email draft of script (DOC)
Map of Study Sites  
6/4 Your Ecological Footprints
Taiwan, Consumption,

& Climate Change

A Year of Earth's CO2
Global temperatures 1880-2014
Arctic snow melt 1979-2012
Coconut Carrying Octopus
   Interview & Video    
Group Project FINAL version due 6/10
   email slides (ppt)
   email script (doc)
6/11 Group Projects
   Group 1: PPT
   Group 2: PPT Script
   Group 3: PPT Script
   PRINT & submit slides
       (PPT: 6 slides per page)
   PRINT & submit script (DOC)
   TURN in ALL data sheets!
   Quiz questions
Extra Credit  

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