Baki & Biun at Boot Camp

Baki and Biun are already confusing superior officers at boot camp.

Everyone wants pictures of their new hair-do!

Don't worry, it will grow back quickly.

Abus brought LOTS of food for Baki and Biun. Every night for the
past two weeks, they have phoned home to remind Abus to bring food.
They even asked for Chocolate!

Aunts Abing and Ali are here to see Baki and Biun.
Abing's husband made sure we had a nice place to visit!

Everyone wants pictures with Baki and Biun. This is with their mother, Abus.

Baki and Biun with their brother, Sina, and sister, Akuan.

Baki and Biun with their cousins

Baki and Biun with Aunt Abing, Abus, and Aunt Ali

Baki, Biun, and Sina help carry left-over food to the car. The twins
were surprised to discover that they get to go home for the weekend.
Now they can eat real home cooking and see their dad, Lini.
Lini could not come because he had to work this Saturday.

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